10 Fun Hobbies to Make Money for Retirement.

It’s easy to overspend on hobbies.  There was a time when my husband and I thought we “deserved” to reward ourselves with expensive hobbies.  We worked hard, and played hard.  It would have been great if we’d had a few money-making hobbies back then!

Underwater photography is one of many potential money-making hobbies.
If only we’d been better underwater photographers, we could have turned our love of scuba diving into a money-making hobby!

Those expensive hobbies contributed to our inability to save for retirement.  Now that we’re older more mature, I’ve discovered that it’s possible to  enjoy a hobby and make money for retirement at the same time.

You don’t have to choose between having fun and scrimping to find the extra money to add to your retirement nest egg!

In this post, I’ll share 10 fun hobbies that don’t cost very much to start.  These are money-making hobbies that can bring in extra cash to help boost your retirement savings.

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Make Extra Cash with Direct Sales and Boost Retirement Savings.

More people than ever are embracing direct sales, and that number is growing every year.  Ever wonder why?

Participation in a direct sales or network marketing company allows you to purchase products you love at a discount, which is a great benefit all by itself.  You may be more enticed, though, by the flexible hours, the opportunity to call your own shots, and the chance to make some extra money.

Direct selling allows you to be your own boss.

As a side hustle, direct sales might be just the ticket to help you generate the extra cash needed to boost your retirement savings.  Like anything else though, making more money takes real work.

This article is your guide to the benefits of direct sales and network marketing.  It will also help you recognize how to avoid pyramid schemes so that you can add to your retirement fund, not deplete it!

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Stuff Your Retirement Account with Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme!

Are you passionate about herbs?  Ever thought about turning your love of herbs into a little side business to help you save more money in your retirement account?

Sell herb soap to add money to your retirement savings.
Making and selling herbal soap can be a fun, easy way to help you catch up your retirement savings.

I started down the herbal path years ago, when I surprised my husband by signing us both up for a local herb class.

He had commented that our meals tasted so much more flavorful  and looked more vibrant when we used fresh herbs from our garden.

The class we took was a lot of fun as it included a little about the folklore and history of herbs, gardening tips, recipes, and lots of great herbal treats to eat!

The classroom smelled amazing, and I was hooked!

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