What Is F-You Money, and What Does It Have To Do With Herbs?

If you can grow a garden, learn how to forage for wild food, become your own chef, and get to know just 10 herbs to spice up your meals and keep you out of restaurants, then you may be able to save even more F-You money!

I learned about F-You money from a talented group of people at UK Chautauqua, where we met five amazing speakers/bloggers who shared their ideas about financial independence (FI), side hustles, and early retirement.

One of the best parts of Chautauqua was being with a group of people who get it, who understand there is more to life than working at a job (when you’d rather just spend your time puttering in the garden or playing with herbs).

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8 Brilliant Ways to Lower Organic Food Costs.

Look to your farmer's market for qualify organic food.
Hit the farmer’s market at the end of the day to lower organic food costs.

In this post, I want to share my favorite tips to help you lower organic food costs (and food costs in general) so that you will have more money available to build your wealth.

Now that I am on the Path to Financial Independence, being able to lower organic food costs has become a priority for me.

My family enjoys visiting local farmer’s markets, where we can get fresh organic produce year round.  I love the huge variety of locally grown heirloom fruits and vegetables, artisan cheeses, wild-caught sustainable seafood, and free-range, grass-fed organic meat and eggs.

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